About VJ Skerry Ltd

A modern, innovative company with a traditional heart.

The company’s roots go back to pre-war Britain. A chance conversation over the garden fence led to Mr Skerry being offered an apprenticeship with the local electricity board. Shortly after returning from the services he recognised there was a demand for independent electrical contractors in the area and formed the company in 1951.

From the earliest days Mr Skerry was keen to integrate the latest emerging technologies hence in the 1980’s the company diversified into the data comms market.

Around the time of Mr V.J Skerry's retirement as Managing Director, the torch was then passed to Mr John Skerry, who was made responsible for the day to day running. John continued to nurture and strengthen the brand over the years, through hard work, and proudly upholding the innovative policy of the company.

Following Mr John Skerry's sad, untimely passing in 2012, Mr. Peter Wells, Director at VJ Skerry since 1992, a beloved friend and long standing team member of John's, was appointed as Managing Director.

Between them, Peter Wells & Jane Skerry have been tasked with heading up the running of the company, and they - with the help of their skilled team of industry leading electricians, are key in the ongoing success and perpetual development of the remarkable family business that we know as VJ Skerry Ltd.

The company recognised the requirement for training and to that end the company are proud to have taken on an apprentice virtually every year as well as participating in providing further training in skills development for existing employees. Our apprentices have been successful in both National and regional awards over the years.

Scope of business
The company specialises in the design of bespoke installations where the integration of energy efficient electrical and electronic services is required.

Design Software
The company has invested in the latest design software including “Autocad drawing packages, Amtec 2009 17th Edition Pro Cable sizing software, Dialux lighting design software”.

Test Instrumentation & Equipment
The company has a wide variety of test instrumentation to verify compliance with the relavent standards, as well as ensuring safe work of clients installations.

This includes:

Fluke DTX & DSP network cabling testers
Fluke electrical testers (Insulation, Continuity, RCD,Loop,PSCs)
Light and sound meters
Flire Infrared camera
Fiber Optic Fusion splicer and Fluke loss meter
VJ Skerry standard insurance is £5,000,000 public liability, £2,000,000 design liability. Additional levels of cover can be provided on specific request.